Latino baby stops breathing & you won't believe who saved him (VIDEO)

ambulanceSometimes we forget how truly delicate children are during the first year of their life. The story I'm about to share with you is a huge reminder that babies are precious and delicate little human beings. This crazy, scary, miraculous, and uplifting story is about Pamela Rauseau, her 5-month-old nephew Sebastian de la Cruz, and a whole lot of Good Samaritans in Miami, Florida. You see, Pamela was driving on Florida State Road 836, there was gridlock, when she noticed that her nephew was not breathing. He was turning blue! She pulled her SUV to the side of the highway, pulled Sebastian out of the vehicle, screamed for help, layed the infant across her lap and started performing mouth-to-mouth on him right there on the side of the road. What happened next is truly amazing.


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People did stop, people did come to the aid of Pamela and Sebastian. Another driver, Lucia Godoy, took over CPR while her own child waited in the car. Al Diaz, a photographer for the Miami Herald, ran through traffic and found a policeman. The officer, Amauris Bastidas, ran to help and also performed CPR on Sebastian.

"I lifted him up in the air and moved him up and down. He started breathing and crying," officer Bastidas says. Unfortunately that wasn't the end of it because Sebastian stopped breathing again before emergency crews arrived and began CPR all over again. He was rushed to the hospital and is now in stable condition. I'm not sure why he stopped breathing, but it has been reported that he was born prematurely and had respiratory issues at the time.

That baby is alive because all those people helped out. I can't even imagine the horror his aunt must have been going through. I'm sure she was terrified and felt a huge sense of responsibility. "My sister had trusted me with him," she even said. Ugh, tú crees? But her sister was right to trust her because this tía noticed in time that her nephew wasn't breathing. If she has been distracted by the traffic and not checked on him, who knows how this would have turned out. But she did notice and she did everything in her power to save him and so did those around her.

Well done, Floridians, well done!

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