WATCH: 8-month-pregnant Latina throws herself off cliff to save her son

Pregnant mother who jumped off cliff to save childNever ever doubt the lengths that a mother will go to get her child out of danger. Right now I am in complete awe over a mother in Peru and what she did to save her 8-year-old son from certain death. This woman is a badass. Her name is Evelyn Moreno and she is 8 months pregnant. I mean she is super preggers. Recently, she was walking along cliffs by the ocean when her son Anthony's flip flop came off his foot and fell into the violently breaking waves below. Without thinking about it, he went after it and ended up in the ocean being thrashed about in the waves with no chance of escape unless someone came to his aid. Evelyn waited for seconds that must have seemed like an eternity and when her super mom sense told her that no one was going to help her son, she stopped waiting and took action herself.


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Pregnant mother jumps off cliff into ocean to save sonShe jumped off the cliff, into the air, and dove into the ocean below. She grabbed her son Anthony and pulled him to the side of the cliff and made sure the ocean couldn't carry him away.

It took another half hour for them to actually get out of the water with the help of others, but Evelyn did it, she saved her son's life. I have no doubt that her courage gave others around her the inspiration to get involved and help her and her son get out of those pounding waves.

Can you imagine doing something like that while being 8 months pregnant? I couldn't even tie my shoelaces when I was that far along. This mother is amazing.

She and her son are well and the baby she is carrying is just fine, no worse for being part of such an extraordinary rescue. In an interview with Primer Impacto, Evelyn said that when she saw Anthony in danger, she was more worried about him and his safety, than she was about the baby in her belly. Clearly she made the right call.

Evelyn you are a true hero, no doubt about it.

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