Valentine's Day Google Doodle will make your day!

It's Valentine's Day and what better way to kick off the holiday than by checking out the annual love-themed Google Doodle? In honor of the special day, this year's Doodle features a collection of six love stories told through clickable candy hearts. The stories, provided by public radio show This American Life, are so adorable and heartwarming, you're sure to love them, regardless of whether you're single or taken this holiday.


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The six stories revolve around a wide range of relationships. In one, a girl recounts her high school teenage crush. In another, a newlywed reveals she had doubts about her marriage right after she tied the knot. Other stories include the retelling of a blind date that actually worked and--one of my personal favorites--best friends falling in love and realizing they want their relationship to be more than platonic. Aww!

The stories alone are enough to make even the most anti-Valentines Day person turn into mush, but what makes them even better? Each of the tales is accompanied by amazing animated illustrations, which act out each romantic encounter as its being told.

I admit, I'm a sucker for real-life love stories, but these in particular are so beautifully told, that I think even cynics would have a hard time resisting them. After all, the theme--love and romance at a variety of ages---s pretty much universal. Besides, what better day to allow yourself to get all sentimental than today? Check out the full Google Doodle here and happy Valentines Day, all!

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