Beautiful baby boy born to mom on life support, husband becomes dad & widower on same day

baby born to brain dead motherMy heart goes out to Dylan Benson of Victoria, Canada. He is going through some of the most beautiful moments of his life and some of the most difficult moments of his life at the exact same time. On December 28, he came home and found his 32-year-old wife, Robyn Benson, unresponsive. Robyn was 22 weeks pregnant at the time. She'd had a massive brain bleed and was declared brain dead. Dylan was faced with the decision of  whether to keep her on life support to save the life of his unborn baby. Six weeks later, Dylan is now the proud father to Iver Cohen Benson and a widower.

This story makes me disolve into a puddle of tears.


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Robyn was kept on life support and on February 8, Iver was born at around 28 weeks. He is teeny tiny, his proud papa wrote on his blog, "Iver is healthy and is the cutest and most precious person I have ever met."

Saturday's joyful hello was followed by Sunday's hearbreaking goodbye. "On Sunday, we had to unfortunately say goodbye to the strongest and most wonderful woman I have ever met," Dylan wrote. "I miss Robyn more than words can explain." To that I have to respond that like attracts like because from where I stand, Dylan strikes me as a pretty strong and wonderful person himself.

I'm sure it was a very difficult decision to make, keeping Robyn on life support, but her family believes it is what she would have wanted and as a mother, I have no doubt that they are right.

Rest in peace Robyn, your beautiful baby boy is now with his daddy. Much love to Dylan and Iver.

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