WATCH: 10-year-old with no arms plays trumpet like a pro

trumpet playerA 10-year-old boy has an amazing talent at playing the trumpet, but it's even MORE incredible because he has no arms! Jahmir Wallace was born without arms which could pose as a problem for any instrument playing, except it didn't. The fifth grader first decided to play the instrument in September and it was love at first sight.

But how exactly does Wallace play the trumpet if he has no arms? The answer may surprise you!


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The boy who grew up watching his sister play the piano decided that he was ready to take on an instrument of his own. Little did he know that trumpet playing would come naturally to him despite not having arms.And the amazing part is just how he makes music without having the help of limbs.

A local music store worked with Wallace's music teacher, Desiree Kratzer to create a stand for him that allows him to use his toes as fingers on the instrument. This isn't the first time the boy has played an instrument this way as he is also well-versed with a guitar.

His talents were showcased during his school's fifth grade band concert, but the boy says he doesn't want to be treated differently than the other kids. In fact he urges people who have been afraid to take up playing an instrument to do so. He tells, "Anybody out there that would like to try an instrument, go ahead and try it. You never know, if you like it, you like it, if you don't, you don't. Keep on trying."

I love this boy's outlook and think it's something that can be applied to just about any new experience in life. Not to mention it's impressive that he can play such an elaborate instrument simply by using his feet! It's not something you see everyday, but with his musical talents perhaps we'll see Wallace playing music professionally in the future.

Image via Youtube

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