Heroic little boy saves 6 from fire, dies trying to save even more

The fire started in the middle of the night, but once 8-year-old Tyler Doohan realized what was going on, he wasted no time getting everyone else out of his grandfather's trailer home in Rochester, New York. Tyler managed to save six of his relatives, including two little cousins, but he died when he went back into the burning trailer to try to help his abuelo and his disabled uncle. No wonder this selfless young boy is being hailed as a hero!


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Although the fire is under investigation, it appears that it was started by an electrical malfunction. The six people Tyler managed to save included his grandmother, his aunt and her boyfriend and their three children. Tyler was spending the night at his grandfather's trailer because he didn't have school Monday. In other words, he wasn't even supposed to be there!

After he helped his relatives get out of the fiery trailer, he ran back in to get his grandpa and uncle when he heard one of them screaming for help. His aunt tried to stop him, but ended up collapsing before she could get to him. She, along with the other survivors, was taken to the hospital and was treated for smoke inhalation and minor burns. According to the fire chief, this tragedy could've been even worse if it hadn't been for Tyler's quick response to the fire. 

Although I'm sure his mother is super proud of her courageous little boy, it must be unbearable to come to terms with the fact that he's gone. ¡Pobre! It's amazing to me that such a young child would have the guts to do what Tyler did, but those who knew him well are not surprised because that's just the kind of boy he used to be ... Always smiling and ready to help. May his mother find solace in the fact that she raised a son who was not only brave, but extremely selfless. 

Image via whec.com

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