These abuelos finally got married after being together for 46 years!

lewis duckett and billy jonesThere are love stories that make you smile and then there are some that touch you to the core. Lewis Duckett and Billy Jones have been together 46 years since the beginning of the Vietnam War. Jones was a psychiatrist who was deployed by the U.S. Army while Duckett stayed behind, waiting for his partner back home.

Since then they've raised an adopted son, becomeabuelos to a little girl, and FINALLY got married. Aw!


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The couple recalls meeting through a friend and immediately clicking and enjoying each other's company. Eventually when Jones went off to the war, they remained in touch through letter to each other, but they had to write in code. During this time homosexuality wasn't well-received which caused them to keep it a secret.

When Jones returned the couple decided to adopt their son Alex. They explained that raising a child on their own was no picnic, but they did it. "Neither of us knew much about changing diapers!" Jones joked about their parental inexperience.

The couple was inseparable and their friends always associate one with the other. In fact because of how long they've been together, Jones says, "I don't know where he stops and I begin--it's that kind of blending."

The two men finally got married last year at New York's Riverside church and say marriage doesn't feel much different. "Its an enhancement to the relationship that we had," Jones said. During their wedding vows Duckett delivered a beautiful message to Jones and said, "When you go I will go. When you die, there I will die also." As you can imagine this caused the waterworks to flow at their wedding surrounded by all their loved ones.

Aw, this love story is so cute! I love that they met by chance and remained in touch, only to fall in love. Jones and Duckett are proof that true love does exist out there and when you meet the right person, everything just clicks. I'm happy that they were able to get married after being together for so long. This was just the cherry on top that they needed to complete their love story. 

Image via New York Times

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