WATCH: Moving "Thank You, Mom" ad from Sochi Olympics will make you tear up

The whole world is eagerly awaiting the 2014 Olympics, which are set to kick off in Sochi on February 6. And what better way to get in the proper mindset than with this just-released short film from Procter & Gamble dedicated not only to the athletes, but to the people who helped shape them--specifically, their moms!


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The lovely and touching piece, entitled "Thank you, Mom: Pick Them Back Up" and created as a follow-up to the company's London 2012 "Best Job" commercial shows that behind every world-class Olympian, there is a world-class mom who loved and supported them all of the way.   

The clip captures the whole journey: a mom coaxing a baby to take their first steps, another teaching her toddler to ice skate, yet another icing their child's sore muscles and most importantly, "teaching us that falling only makes us stronger." It goes on to show athletes from all around the world, competing as their moms proudly cheer on from the stands. Aww ... is that sweet or what?!

I couldn't help but feel my heart melt and tears well up in my eyes as I watched this. It reminded me of the countless dance practices and recitals my own parents drove me to and the dozens of costumes and hairstyles my mom had to help create for them when I was a kid. Of course, I didn't become a professional dancer, but I know I wouldn't be who I am today if it wasn't for my mom and dad ... and I bet neither would a lot of those Olympians we're about see compete. It just goes to show that nothing can make quite as much of an impact on one's life as a great parent!     

Image via Procter & Gamble

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