3 Ways the holidays can make any mom lose it

The holidays can be a wonderful time, they can also be an extremely stressful time especially for all the mamás out there. We take on a lot all year long and then during the holidays we take on even more. I know we are powerful mujeres and all, but we are only human. I really want you to remind yourself of that this holiday season. Repeat after me, "I am only human." You need rest, you need help, and you also deserve to enjoy the season. Am I right or am I right? I'm right, right?! So let's go over three ways the holidays can make any mom lose it and how we can stay sane instead.


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Let's start off with the meals. Holidays revolve around meals and all the cooking is enough to make you want to roll yourself inside of a corn husk and hide. Don't. Instead ask for help. You don't have to make all those tamales alone, organize a tamalada so that you have fun and lots of hands to contribute. If you can't swing that, then find a good tamal lady and just buy those suckas. I have a hook-up and for $2 a piece she makes me some delicious tamales. Come dinner-time, I open a can of beans and look like a hero.

Do you have a vision of what the perfect holiday looks like? If the answer is yes, then shatter it. There is no such thing as perfect and trying to achieve it is pointless. Go for fun instead. Fun is messy, wonderful, and imperfect. Remember to be a part of the fun, don't just facilitate it for eveyone else.

Money issues seem to be compounded during the holidays. As much as we know that this time of the year isn't supposed to be about how much we spend on gifts, we still let it get to us. Please, don't. Trust me, you can show someone you care and remember them with simple gestures. You can write them letters or cards and include treasured pictures.You can share a meal with them. You can offer them gifts of your time like for babysitting or for any number of things that they need help with and they will appreciate. As for the kids in your life, the joy of children does not come with a specific price tag.

All right, mamás?! I want to wish you a very happy holiday season. I want you to remember that you get to enjoy it too. It's no joke that the happier you are and let yourself be, the happier those that love you will be.

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