10 Things your abuela NEVER wants to hear

If your abuela is alive and you have a relationship, I would like to urge you to cherish her. My abuela passed away a very long time ago and it will always be one of my regrets that I did not truly appreciate her when she was around. We were just so different and the advice that she would give struck me as antiquated and not so female-friendly. We are products of different generations, I get that now, but I didn't back then. Back then, when I had her, I would open my mouth like it was no big thing and tell her exactly what I was thinking. If she were around now, I would keep my mouth shut a lot more and just listen. So, please, take it from me about the following 10 things you should never say to your abuela and just don't.


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  • Abuela, did you have sex with grandpa before you got married because things just aren't adding up?
  • No, they don't teach me how to cook at school, they teach me real things. 
  • But I don't want to have kids!
  • Of course Juan Gabriel is gay.
  • Don't you think you are being a little machista?
  • Have you seen my birth control pills?
  • Why do you scoop your breasts into your bra?
  • That telenovela is so unrealistic. 
  • No thank you nana, I don't want any of your albondigas, I'm just going to go grab something at McDonald's.
  • Are you kidding me? My mother never takes us to church unless you are here.

Really, sometimes with abuelas it's best to keep your big mouth shut!

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