Somehow I made it all the way to adulthood without learning that in many Latin American countries it is believed that the color of underwear you are wearing when ringing in the new year has much to do with your fortune for the coming year. Why didn't my mother school me in this super important tradition? If nothing else, it would have resulted in me having a wider array of chonie colors to choose from. Well, I say it is never too late to adopt a tradition. This year I will choose my underpants for New Year's Eve with care and according to what I most want out of the coming year. Let's go through the colors together and what they mean, shall we?

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  • Red. Cover your unmentionables in red if you are looking for love, passion, and romance.
  • Pink. Calzoncillos the color of a maiden's delicate blush will bring you harmonious luck in love.
  • Yellow. Not stained, but actual yellow underwear will bring prosperity, wealth, and success.
  • Blue. If you are looking for health, tranquility, and wellness, slap some blue undies on your nalgies!
  • Green. Are you into life, nature, and wellness? Then green undergarments you should don.
  • White. It comes as no surprise that white should symbolize peace, joy, and happiness.

I'm telling you, I'm so excited about being able to control the coming year with the color of my briefs that I just may go all out and layer. I think I'll start with the color red and go from there. My husband might be daunted by my wearing six pairs of underpants, but by the time he gets to the red pair, he'll be feeling some kind of passion, right?

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Add Comment What color underwear will you be wearing to celebrate the new year?

both green and blue!
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