10 Signs you're Latino during Christmas


So many things you take for granted growing up, they're just a part of your life and you don't question them. It doesn't occur to you that some of your traditions may be culturally specific or that your way of celebrating during the holidays isn't what people from other backgrounds consider the "norm." Like for me Christmas is all about how my Mexican family celebrated it when I was growing up. Then I married a guy who is not Mexican and not Latino and he looks at me like I'm crazy when I insist that certain things must be done a certain way during Christmas. I know I'm not alone, which is why I came up with this list of 10 signs you are Latino during Christmas. Checka la lista and let me know if you identify with any of the signs.


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1. You call Christmas Eve Nochebuena.
2. You grew up believing in Santo Clo and el Niño Dios.
3. You open Christmas gifts at the stroke of midnight on Nochebuena or as gringos call it, Christmas Eve.
4. Christmas goose? What the heck is that? Bring on the tamales!
5. You know what a Posada is.
6. You have a Christmas tree and a piñata for the kids.
7. You look forward to your tía's buñuelos all year long.
8. You skip the egg nog, but you sip on a coquito, ponche crema, or rompope.
9. You sing, dance, and get drunk while your abuela cries because the children of today are losing their values, "por Dios" some of them don't even speak Spanish.
10. When you've opened every last Christmas present, you know you'll be getting more gifts come January 6 thanks to los Tres Reyes.

I love it! It rocks being Latino during Christmas.

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