With a culture so rich, tapping into your Latino roots for holiday gift inspiration is an absolute no-brainer. Whether for your abuelo or your gringa boss, there are tons of beautiful and meaningful gifts produced throughout Latin America, many of which will bring you right back to your childhood. With a little digging, I guarantee that you can find gifts tied to your raices for every person on your gift list. 

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Check out eight of our favorite Latino-themed gifts in the slideshow below.

Talavera Salsa Bowl 1

Talavera Salsa Bowl

Image via indeeddecor.com

This gorgeous style of pottery--called Talavera--is native to Puebla, Mexico and its surrounding communities, and showcases the true artistry of the traditional style which was brought to Mexico from Spain, and was at one time a dying art form. Talavera Salsa Bowl, $38


Maja Soap 2

The distinctly Latina fragrance of Maja soap reminds me so much of my abuelita and mother, and though I haven't actually used a bar in years, I can still picture the pale green color and feel the smoothness of each little round. I always felt so special when my mom let me use her Maja! Maja Soap Set, $26


Handmade Leather Wrap Bracelet 3

This gorgeous artist-crafted leather bracelet from Guatemala marries traditional with trendy in a way that truly shows off the Mayan influences on Guatemalan culture. Handmade Leather and Cotton Wrap Bracelet, $32.99

Kids Guiro 4

Kids Guiro

Image via amazon.com

Introduce the kiddo in your life to classic Latin sounds with a guiro made just for little hands. Now, when Tio breaks out his to play some festive tunes, your little one can join in.  Hohner Kids Plastic Guiro with Striker, $6.25


Ecuadoran Throw Blanket 5

This fairly traded throw blanket from Ecuador is handmade using rich chenille in beautiful earth tones. It's perfect for cozying up with on a cold winter's night or as decor year-round. La Sierra Throw, $94


Bamboo Domino Set 6

Bamboo Domino Set

Image via etsy.com

A favorite Latin American pastime, dominoes are sure to elicit warm feelings amongst all of your relatives. This gorgeous handmade set would make the perfect gift for pretty much any adult on your gift list. Plus, you might be able to get a game started as you wait for Christmas dinner. Dark Bamboo Double Six Domino Set, $90


Mayan Hammock 7

Mayan Hammock

Image via novica.com

A neighbor once mentioned to me that outdoor living space is pretty much a requirement for Latinos, and I had to agree. With it's gorgeous bright colors, this Mayan-made hamaca from Mexico is perfect for making that space as serene and comfy as can be. Rainbow Seascape Hammock, $77.99

Flavors of Puerto Rico Gift Set 8

We Puerto Ricans are proud of our kitchen prowess--show off some of the flavors that inspire us by gifting this lovely package of gourmet goodies from La Isla del Encanto. It includes hot sauce, candy, coffee and marmalade, along with either a tropical vinaigrette or a bottle of coquito. Puerto Rican Christmas Seasonal Pack, $35