SEE: Dead boy clearly appears as his cousin's guardian angel in chilling photo

Some things in life defy explanation and maybe we shouldn't even try to explain them. For example, last May, 9-year-old Nicolas McCabe was one of seven third graders that died in the wake of a tornado that decimated Plaza Towers Elementary School in Moore, Oklahoma. His family put him to rest, but of course, still greatly felt his absence and then something extraordinary happened. On July 4th, Nicholas' cousin Madison was playing with a sparkler and had her picture taken with a cellphone camera. The resulting picture is spine-chilling. Standing right behind Madison you can see what appears to be Nicolas McCabe's face. Yup, you see the dead boy's face appear in the photograph. His father, Scott McCabe, is convinced that it is indeed the spirit of his son watching over his family. You've got to see the picture to believe it.


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Now, of course, skeptics are saying that the image is a result of a blurry camera image or any other number of explanations, but all I can say is that the image certainly resembles Nicolas. It's pretty mind-boggling. "Nicolas loved the Fourth of July and he loved firecrackers," Scott McCabe says. His response to those who don't think it is his son in the photo: "They can say what they want. I believe. I believe he's watching over us."

I know that logically, scientifically-speaking one would have to say that the image in the photo cannot possibly be Nicolas, but my heart believes Scott McCabe and you know what? I am not about to tell a grieving father that it is not his son, especially when I'm seeing the same thing he sees. Amazing!

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