WATCH families get surprised with free holiday groceries & their reactions will make you cry

YouTube pranks can range anywhere from funny to downright mean, but I don't think I've ever seen one that was so sweet, it actually brought tears to my eyes! In a video that has recently gone viral, famous YouTube prankster, Andrew Hales, decided to ditch his typical over-the-top jokes for something kinder and so much better.

As can be seen in the amazing clip below, Hales teamed up with GungHo and Macy's to tape a few unsuspecting woman as they are gifted free groceries in honor of the holidays—and their reactions are so amazing, I guarantee it'll have you reaching for the tissues!


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In the video, various families go up to the cash register to pay up for their huge holiday grocery bills. But as they reach for their wallets, an employee informs them that it's actually all free—and their stunned reactions are pretty much instantaneous. Some question whether it's a joke or not but as soon as they realize it's true, you can see the shocked gratitude all over their faces. Many crumble into tears while others begin hugging their kids and family members close in joy. The whole thing is so beautiful, I couldn't help but feel a little weepy myself!

There are some acts of compassion that, while not necessarily life-changing, will stick with you forever and this is definitely one of them. It reminds us that touching gestures like this are what the season of giving is really all about!

Check out the video below:

Image via YouTube

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