Little boy asks girl to be his girlfriend and gets a HILARIOUS response

Remember crushes when you were a kid? Oh, they were so intense and fessing up to having one was a pretty big deal, am I right? That's why I'm laughing so hard at this elementary school love note that was posted on Reddit. It was supposedly found in a box of elementary school projects. The note itself is pretty cute and addressed to the writer's object of affection, Ashley, but the best part is Ashley's response.


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The writer of the note professes his admiration to Ashley by telling her that he likes her "alot" and asking if she will consider being his girlfriend. He then offers up the following choices: yes, no, and maybe. He instructs her to pick on of the choices.

Ashley responds by circling "no," which might be devastating except that she explains her answer. It turns out that she already has a boyfriend, but she assures her suitor that when the current relationship is over, he will be next in line. Then she gives him a time-line of about a month or two.

I love it! This little girl is so pragmatic. She knows she's far too young to settle down for the rest of her life with someone she met in elementary school. I mean how many elementary school sweathearts do you know that are still together? She knows she'll be happy for the next month or two and she's got a waiting list going.

Ashley could teach women much older than her a thing or two about how to keep their love lives in perspective.

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