WATCH: Kids talk about gay marriage & make more sense than adults

Gay rights is an issue that's been debated pretty much everywhere--in universities, in political campaigns, around the dinner table. But what happens when you take the issue to the next generation? In a video that was uploaded this weekend and has quickly gone viral (for good reason!), a group of California kids, ages 5 to 13, share their thoughts on same-sex marriage. And their reactions are so heartwarming, you just have to see it!


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Created by Benny and Rafi Fine (known as the Fine Brothers), the 15-minute video discusses "the sensitive subject of same-sex marriage, which continues to be an issue not just in the United States, but around the world." To kick things off, they showed each of the kids two popular proposal videos, one featuring a gay couple, the other a lesbian couple. The clips incite a wide mix of reactions from confusion ("How does a guy marry a guy?!") to excited encouragement ("That was so cute! And it doesn't matter if they're gay or anything").

They follow up the videos by presenting the kids with a series of facts on gay marriage and gauging their reactions. And the results honestly made my day! The children were (mostly) so sweet and compassionate, it made me want to find their parents and congratulate each and every one of them on having such great kids.

One child in particular comes full circle, going from utter disbelief at the concept of gay marriage to gradual understanding ("I'm just new to this") to complete acceptance ("I don't see why anyone would be upset by this"). It's absolutely amazing to watch. I only wish the rest of America would take note!

Watch the entire video below:

Image via YouTube

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