Dying girl's wish to record Kate Perry's 'Roar' comes true and brings us and Perry to tears (VIDEO)

Young Olivia Wise has an inoperable brain tumor, but she won't let that stop her from making her ultimate dream come true. She took her love for singing to a new level when she armed herself with unimaginable courage as she faced the fact that there are no more treatments available for her. Instead of quieting down her lovely voice, she decided to immortalize it by going to a recording studio and giving it her all as she sang Kate Perry's 'Roar'. At 16 years of age, Olivia is such an inspiration to friends, schoolmates and family, and now she's an inspiration to me too. Her story, and the video of her singing, has moved me to tears. Here it is...


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'I've got the eye of a tiger, a fighter, dancing through the fire... Cause I am a champion, and you're gonna hear me roar', she signs softly but her powerful voice carries a strong message that is not about giving up, but about fighting. Like so many others that have found in Kate Perry's song the words that express that sentiment, Olivia is not afraid to turn her fears into a gift to others. Her video has received over 250,000 views.

Hear Olivia's inspiring roar in this video...

One unsuspected person touched by Olivia's cover of 'Roar' has surfaced and is no other than Kate Perry herself who sent the girl a heartfelt video message, sending her 'love and light'. And I have to admit I'm impressed by Perry's sweet gesture. Here is her video...

Image via YouTube



What inspires you most about this story?

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What inspires you most about this story?

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on Nov 9, 2015 at 2:52 AM
Awesome so inspirational most of us, me included are always like woe is me and tend to dwell on the negative in our lives, and allow those things to weigh is down. Yet this young girl choose to ROAR AND NOT LET WHAT SHE WAS GOING THROUGH KEEP HER DOWN. I must say she has an amazing voice is love to hear another cover.
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