Horrific accident changes this couple's life forever in most unexpected way (VIDEO)

While many engaged couples spend countless months and exorbitant amounts of money preparing for their nuptials, all Larissa Murphy hoped for was for a judge to make the decision that it was in her boyfriend Ian's best interest to be married. You see, ten months after the couple met back in 2005 while attending college, Ian got into a horrific car accident that caused a traumatic brain injury. Despite leaving him with severe disabilities, Larissa never left his side, marrying him in a simple, but extremely touching ceremony on August 28, 2010. 

Their inspiring story, as depicted in the short documentary below which has gone viral, is a true testament of love in its purest form.


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Larissa had only been with Ian less than a year when she got the phone call that would change her life forever. Even so, she says they both knew pretty early on in their relationship that they would wound up married. So much so that Ian was actually on his way to the job he had taken to save money for a ring at the time of the accident. Convinced that Ian would've done the same for her, Larissa moved in with his parents so she could be an integral part of his care. 

And for the last seven years, that's pretty much what this amazing young woman has done. She has taken care of her now husband's every need, from the most simple like helping him put his socks on to the most tedious like cleaning up after he throws up even if it happens in the middle of the night.

It'd be one thing if the couple had been given a chance to enjoy a few decades together and Ian's disabilities hadn't appeared until much later in their life. But it's a completely different thing for them to have started their life together under such crippling circumstances. Although Larissa is quick to point out that none of this would be possible without her faith in God, it is undeniable that she's one of the strongest and most selfless women I've ever heard of. 

Ian and Larissa's amazing story should serve to remind us all that without love there is nothing. I hope you take the time to watch the mini documentary below. I promise you'll be touched by so much love!

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