I haven't been a practicing Catholic for the longest time, but I must admit that when something worries me or I'm in a bind, my mind goes to my dear saints and I offer them a prayer. I love them all and, forgive me Christian mamás I know you don't approve, but I think it's amazing that each one of them has an area of "expertise" in miracles. They were also amazing people, with qualities that make them role models and the faith in them gives a lot of people hope.


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Most of the times I don't remember who helps with what, but It's as easy as taking a trip down memory lane to easily find a childhood memory of my abuelita praying to one when I or one of my cousins was sick, to another one when she needed a solution to a difficult problem.

In the past, you couldn't catch me with an estampita de un santo in my house, let alone in my wallet, but  since I had my kids I find myself often thinking of them and asking for help. 

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