I haven't been a practicing Catholic for the longest time, but I must admit that when something worries me or I'm in a bind, my mind goes to my dear saints and I offer them a prayer. I love them all and, forgive me Christian mamás I know you don't approve, but I think it's amazing that each one of them has an area of "expertise" in miracles. They were also amazing people, with qualities that make them role models and the faith in them gives a lot of people hope.

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Most of the times I don't remember who helps with what, but It's as easy as taking a trip down memory lane to easily find a childhood memory of my abuelita praying to one when I or one of my cousins was sick, to another one when she needed a solution to a difficult problem.

In the past, you couldn't catch me with an estampita de un santo in my house, let alone in my wallet, but  since I had my kids I find myself often thinking of them and asking for help. 

Image via Aaron Díaz/Instagram

Santa Rita 1

Santa Rita

Image vía Wikicommons

Santa Rita de Casia is the saint patron of the sick, the hurt, marital problems and impossible quests. Maybe that's why she is also the protector of victms of domestic violence.


San Antonio de Padua 2

San Antonio de Padua

Image vía Aaron Díaz/Instagram

This is a Portuguese saint is considered the patron of weddings in Spain, Portugal and Latin America. Is common to find his image upside down in the home of single women looking for husbands, particularly on  his day on June 23.


San Isidro labrador 3

San Isidro labrador

Image vía RPP

He was a farmer, and maybe that is why he is the patron of everything regarding plants, field workers and the weather. The most common prayer when it's raining a lot is: "San Isidro Labrador quita el agua y pon el sol".

Santa Eduvigis 4

Santa Eduvigis

Image via Retablos de México

If you have money problems, debts and even bankrupcy issues, don´t hesitate to pray to Santa Eduvigis. She can help.


San Martín de Porres 5

San Martín de Porres

Image via Momentum

San Martín de Porres was known for the ability of being in two places at the same time. That´s why I think he must be the patron of all the mothers. He is also the patron of world peace.


La Virgen de la Leche 6

La Virgen de la Leche

Image via Viajo por Perú

IF you want to get pregnant or have an easy time breastfeeding, she is the one to get help from. In Puerto Rico this virgen is known as La Virgen de Belén, in reference to the town of Bethlehem where a church was built to mark the place where the Virgin Mary gave birth to baby Jesus.


San Onofre 7

San Onofre

Image via WikiCommon

Do you need money fast or have something that needs to be solved right away, San Onofre is your santo.

San Judas Tadeo 8

San Judas Tadeo

Image via El Día del Jaguar

The terminally ill or people with terrible problems pray to San Judas Tadeo.


San Pancracio 9

San Pancracio

Imagen vía Janmi

Looking for work, changing jobs? San Onofre may give you a hand. Don´t forget to offer him some parsley. It usually helps.

San Benito de Nursia 10

San Benito de Nursia

Imagen vía Las Oraciones.com

Afraid to fall into temptation, pray to San Benito. He will give you strength.