WATCH the heartbreaking moment Guatemalan boy hears his mom for the first time (VIDEO)

I've always been amazed by Americans who travel on mission trips to Latin America (and elsewhere) to help out people in dire need. That's why the story of a nurse by the name of Erin Van Oordt and of Jenri Rivera, a little boy who met three years ago when he traveled to Guatemala, caught my attention. Van Oordt knew there was something special about him the moment she met him. Turns out little Jenri was born deaf and no one knew why or how to help him. So Van Oordt decided to change that.


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With the help of an organization called Ray of Hope Medical Missions, Van Oordt managed to bring the young boy from Guatemala to Michigan this past August where thanks to even more donations, he was able to receive a cochlear implant and the equipment that goes with it, which has a total value of $40,000.

On Monday, Jenri heard for the very first time in his life. His reaction is hard to describe, you just have to watch it. But the most exciting part of this story is when Jenri got to hear  his mother's voice for the first time via Skype. The cute little boy could not hold back his tears and, I must admit, neither could I.

Jenri will stay a few more months in the United States as he learns to adapt to his implant, to understand what he hears and to get used to a completely different life now that's he's no longer deaf. What an amazing story!

I wish more of us were like Van Oordt. I imagine it must be something really incredible to be able to change a person's life as she has Jenri's.

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