99-year-old abuela graduates high school, proves it's NEVER too late to follow your dreams

I never EVER want to hear you say that you are too old to do something. It's a cop-out. Life is for the living and if you are alive, then live it. Believe in yourself and accomplish what you've always dreamed of. Sure there are physical challenges that get in the way, you may not be physically able to have a baby at 99 years of age, I get that, but you can still keep growing, learning, and accomplishing. For example 99-year-old Audrey Crabtree from Iowa FINALLY graduated from high school and received an honorary diploma. Tell me that isn't inspiring?


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In 1932, Crabtree was short one credit when she left high school because of a swimming and diving accident. Life got in the way, one experience led to another and she never made it back to get her one credit and receive a diploma.

Crabtree has had a full life, she's operated a business, Flowers by Audrey for 28 years, she has had children, outlived multiple husbands, seen her life filled with grandchildren, and great grandchildren, but she told her granddaughter Shelley Hoffman that her one regret was not getting her diploma.

Hoffman got in touch with Waterloo Community Schools and helped arrange a diploma ceremony for Crabtree. Now you may be thinking, "But she never made up her one credit." I'd say that she has more than earned that diploma and credit with life and work experience.

So the next time you or someone uses the excuse that they are too old to do something, remember Audrey Crabtree graduated from high school when she was 99 years old!

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