WATCH hero dog save baby from crawling into ocean in amazing viral video

Dogs are amazing for so many reasons. If you've ever had the pleasure of being befriended by a canine, you know exactly what I mean. An awesome dog can turn a cat-lover into a dog fan with a look and a wag of the tail. As wonderful as I know that dogs are, it never occurred to me that they could save a baby's life until I saw this viral video of a dog in Turkey stopping a baby from crawling into the the water at a beach.


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The video shows a woman playing with a dog and moments later while she is distracted, you see a baby crawling directly towards the water on the beach of Kabak Bay. Before the mother even has a chance to notice that the infant is in danger, the dog runs up to the baby, and lovingly plants itself in front of the child to stop any forward progress. It's enough to stop the child and get the mother to swoop in and grab the baby.

Kudos to that wonderful dog for taking care of that baby.

I have to say though, that the whole thing makes me wonder why the person taking the video didn't run forward and grab the baby themselves. It's cool that we got the dog's heroism on video and all, but sometimes you need to put the camera down and act. I don't know all the circumstances, but I can't pretend like it didn't bother me a tad.

Image via Thinkstock

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