You won't believe what these amazing parents did after daughter called off wedding!

Carol and Willie Fowler had planned an elaborate and very expensive wedding reception for their only daughter. But when she announced there would be no nuptials 40 days before the scheduled date, the Fowlers decided to turn the disappointing news into something good. Instead of letting the venue, the dinner, and the entertainment they had paid for go to waste, they invited 200 homeless people to what they dubbed the first annual Fowler Family Celebration of Love!


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Not only were 200 homeless people fed a delicious 4-course meal, but they also got a chance to forget about their problems and let others take care of them, if only for the duration of the reception in an upscale venue in Atlanta. 

We should all learn not only from the Fowler's kindness, but also from their incredibly practical idea. As Carol Fowler told WBUR:

Events are canceled, and sometimes for unknown reasons. Do no allow that opportunity to go to waste. Call up your favorite charity. Give them an opportunity to use that for people that will not have an opportunity, perhaps in life.

Think about that for a minute. Can you imagine how many people would benefit from cancelled events like this one? In the hopes that others will take the same steps if faced with a cancellation, the Fowlers plan to turn this into an annual celebration. 

Although no explanation was given as to why their daughter's wedding was cancelled, I was surprised to read that she actually attended what should've been her reception and had a good time. I imagine that must have been difficult, but seeing so many people happy--especially the less lucky ones--must have made it a bit easier for her. This story just goes to show that you make what you want out of every situation.

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