WATCH: Amazing tear-jerker commercial better than most movies you'll ever see (VIDEO)

If you would have told me that I would ever refer to a commercial as epic, I would have told you that you had epically lost your mindj ... that is until I watched this Thai commercial for mobile phone operator TrueMove H. Granted, timing in at a little over three minutes, it is not short as far as commercials go, but it tells a story of kindness that unfolds over 30 years and if you are anything like me it will have you reaching for your sleeve a tissue before it's over.


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The ad tells the story of a kind-hearted man's good deed. The man, who is a food vendor, witnesses a little boy getting caught stealing medicine from a neighboring vendor. The little boy was stealing the medicine for his sick mother. The kindhearted man not only pays for the medicine the boy was stealing, he sends the boy home with veggie soup as well. The man's young daughter witnesses her father's kindness without surprise and maybe with just a hint of irritation because this is not a one time thing, but a way of life for him.

Flash forward 30 years later and the kindhearted man and his daughter find themselves in need of help and it comes to them in such a poetically beautiful way that I'm tearing up again just thinking about it. Son of a gun, who would have thought I would like a commercial that isn't even in a language that I understand so much?

I'm not kidding you when I say that this three-minute bit of brilliance is better than MANY movies I've seen.

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