Homeless Latino boy finds family in most unlikely place

Connie Going is a 50-year-old social worker from St. Petersburg, Florida. She has helped over 1,000 Tampa Bay area foster kids find adoptive parents. In her words, "Every child is adoptable. There's a family for every child." And yet, with all of her success, Connie was unable to place one little boy, 10-year-old Taylor Diaz. Taylor and his two sisters entered the foster care system in 2003 because they were being neglected by their drug-addicted parents. After being featured on a local news segment, someone took all three children, but ended up giving Taylor back saying he had anger issues. For 10 years Taylor went in and out of group and foster homes. Then he was taken by a second family, but they sent him back too. That was it, Connie Going was done putting Taylor through all that pain and rejection, so she dropped him as a client. Guess what happened next?


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Connie Going decided that Taylor would be her son and she started the adoption process. The adoption was finalized this summer and Connie who is a single mother with two biological daughters now has a son.

As for Taylor's behavioral problems, well, they didn't go away. He has threatened to run away on various occasions, but when Going assures him that she isn't getting rid of him, he takes off his backpack and stays.

What does Taylor have to say about Going? He says, "She knows my worst side, and she still cares about me and still loves me." Beautiful!

I'm so happy Taylor found his family after a decade long journey. Connie Going is a wonderful woman with a huge heart and patience. I'm sure that there will continue to be difficulties along the way, but it seems clear that Taylor is there to stay.

Image via CBS NEWS

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