Miracle baby born at 6 months & weighing less than 1 lb & is doing great!

These are my favorite types of stories to share because they remind me that miracles do exist. When baby Finley Devonshire was born at 24 weeks weighing less than one pound, his parents had a hard time believing he'd survive. And if you see the pictures from that time, it's easy to understand why. Tiny is an understatement when describing what Finley looked like, and with a 10 percent chance of surviving, all his parents could do was hope for the best.


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But this amazing and very strong baby proved everyone wrong and now, five months after he was born, he has finally left the hospital. For his mother, Gemma Haskey, it's hard to describe the joy she felt when she was told she could take him home. "I can't even put in to words what he's been through. There's a lot of adults that wouldn't be able to go through it," she told the Daily Mail. 

And I'm sure she's right. It seems like Finley was intent on surviving and no matter how the odds kept on stacking against him, he just kept fighting. Just check out everything he has been through in his very short life. 

Early on in Gemma's pregnancy she was diagnosed with preeclampsia and given the option to abort because her baby could be brain-damaged. Since a scan showed he was fine, Gemma and her husband Graham Devonshire decided to keep their baby. But a few days later, her condition got so bad, that she was told she had to have an emergency C-section with only a 10 percent chance that Finley would survive.

Four days after he was born, the baby's lungs started bleeding and he was given 24 hours to live. But he responded better than expected to an aggressive ventilation treatment and he has continued to fight for his life ever since.

Gemma and Graham decided to share their story because they want to make sure that other parents of premature babies never give up. While the uncertainty must have been debilitating for these parents, they decided to take it one day at a time and fight alongside  their baby. In the end, I guess that's all one can do.

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