Incredible pole-dancing Latina abuela is totally kick-ass

Picture this: You walk into a pole dancing class and the best dancer there is an abuela! Viviana Morales is an Argentinian 50-year-old award winning pole dancer and is considered the best in all of South America. You would think Morales has been doing this form of dance since her youth, but the reality of it is that she's only been doing it for about six years.

She's certainly breaking barriers for all the abuelos out there, proving that age ain't nothing but a number when it comes to being in shape! 


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Morales told Univision news show Primer Impacto that she originally started pole dancing because she was depressed after going through a divorce. As a result she was surprised to learn that she was naturally good at it and continued honing her skills. In fact, she's one of the best pole dancers in her country that she's been nicknamed "abuela del pole dance" (grandma of pole dance). That's quite an amazing title to have!

Pole dancing involves sensual movements, which naturally made Morales' son, Matias, uncomfortable with her new life path. It didn't help that his mom keeps a pole in plain sight in the living room! However, he eventually got over his discomfort and is now supportive of her career.

This pro has even written a book on pole dancing! It's impressive that this woman was able to master the art of pole dancing which consists of gymnastics training and lots of upper body strength. I have yet to take a class, but I do know I'm left in awe when I see someone move with ease while working the pole.

Who said pole dancing was just for strippers? It's evident that abuelas want in on the fun too!   

Image via Univision

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