These abuelas prove age ain't nothing but a number (VIDEOS)

With all the news about kids getting abducted, natural disasters and celebrity headcases, sometimes it's really great to come across something truly inspirational. 

These weekend, I found two videos featuring elderly ladies who really prove that you're only as old as you feel, and these two abuelitas are NOT about to slow down just because they're getting on in age.

You have to see it to believe it!


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First up is this seriously groving granny, getting down to some Pickwick. You have to see her drop and work out some worm-like moves! At 83 years old, we have to say, she is SERIOUSLY working it.

Next is 73-year-old abuelita, Sandra Foli, who battled septic shock and started lifting weights after her ilness to get in shape. Then she took the hobby to a whole other level and just five years later set a power-lifting record for her age group by heaving a whole 181.5 lbs! Chad Hobbs is Foli's trainer and says she is an isnpiration, "Where so many people become sedentary later on in life, she's doing something about it."


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