Boy with autism banned from selling lemonade by jerky neighbor gets a whole restaurant!

Corbin Potter is an 9-year-old boy with autism from Toronto, Canada. Potter and his two sisters set up a lemonade stand annually to raise funds for Toronto's Sick Kids Hospital. Tell me that isn't unbelievably sweet. Well, apparently one of Corbin's neighbors was not impressed by his charitable side because she up and called the police on him and the lemonade stand was shut down for operating without a permit. Come on! Have we really gotten to a place where kids can't even have a lemonade stand?

Oh but you'll LOVE the ending to this story...


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An unidentified female neighbor of the Potter family called the police on July 1 because she was bothered by Corbin shouting to passersby in an effort to entice them to buy lemonade for a good cause. She had offered Corbin $5 to stop, but he refused the buyout. The nerve of that child! Doing good in broad daylight and being too loud about it! How dare he! The police took care of this menacing 9-year-old do-gooder by shutting down his lemonade stand on the grounds that he had no permit.

Fortunately, Corbin's lemonade story doesn't end there. After the Toronto Sun picked up the story, Ryan Grant, the business development manager for Canadian chain restaurants Baton Rouge, reached out and set up Corbin and his sisters, 8-year-old Danika and 10-year-old Bridgit, with the use of a Baton Rouge restaurant on August 13. The children will accompany waitstaff to tables that day and offer customers lemonade whose proceeds will benefit Sick Kids.

Take THAT, grouchy neighbor!

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