Superhero abuela takes down robber with one punch

What would you do if you were in a crowded train station and a guy who is being chased by a security team is coming toward you? I'm not gonna lie, I'd get out of the way and let the security team take care of it. Well this awesome elderly lady from Xuzhou, China is not a chicken like I am.

No way! This abuela gets a load of the guy coming at her who is obviously being chased down for doing something naughty and she takes him down with a single punch! Now that is abuela power in action if I ever did see it.


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I will admit that the only reason I want to share this video with you is because it stars a superhero granny and just goes to show that you can be a badass no matter how old you are. If anything, being older may make you an even cooler badass.

Now if you watch the video, you will see the guy running toward the granny. She doesn't step back, her body language does not communicate fear, she's not scrambling to get out of the way. Instead, she very calmly and collectedly slugs at him as he goes by her and knocks him down. It wasn't in self-defense, it was more like abuela-instinct. Oh no, she's not going to take any of that hoodlums shenanigans.

You know she's probably had some practice wielding a chancla so she got her fighting arm well-conditioned and responsive.

Image via Thinkstock

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