Little Talia Castellano's fight with cancer sadly takes a turn for the worse

YouTube beauty vlogger Talia Joy Castellano could use lots of prayers today. The 13-year-old who has been battling cancer for the last seven years has been hospitalized. The YouTube sensation suffers from neuroblastoma and leukemia which although inhibiting has never stopped her from living life to the fullest.

Castellano is known for shooting makeup tutorials from her personal YouTube account making her one of the biggest beauty vloggers on the site. The little star's contagious personality has earned her many viewers as she embraces beauty through her makeup skills even though she lost all her hair due to chemotherapy. We ask that you have Talia Castellano in your thoughts as the little girl goes through her latest health battle.


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Castellano burst into TV on Ellen where the talk show host awarded her with $20,000 plus the opportunity to be an honorary CoverGirl. Although the teen acts like any other child her age, she unfortunately has shared that she may only have from four months to a year to live due to her condition. Recently, the beauty vlogger was hospitalized and has left many worried about her fate.

The hashtag #PrayforTalia has been trending on both Twitter and Instagram for the past few days and has served as a means for fans to pray for her. On her fanpage, Angels for Talia, it is revealed that the teen has not been well and has been vomiting, not eating and instead has been sleeping as she goes through her battle. Castellano has received many get well gifts and letters from fans during her hospital stay that she's told her mother that she's overwhelmed with gratitude.

I'm heartbroken to find out that this amazing little girl isn't doing well. Hopefully, with the power of love and everyone's prayers, she'll be able to pull through. Our thoughts are with the Castellano family as they go through this difficult time, but as proven in the past, Talia will not go out without a fight.  

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