14 Latino terms of endearment that non-Latinos will never understand



Growing up in a Latino household means that you have more than one nickname at home. Your relatives call you gorda, flaca, you name it! Latinos sure have a unique way of expressing our love for each other and the funny thing is the reactions non-Latinos give us are priceless. I mean, why would you want to call your daughter a "fat girl" in the first place? 


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What non-Latinos don't understand is that these are the terms we use to express ourselves, especially when it comes to our loved ones. It may seem a bit weird that we use a lot of physical descriptions as nicknames, but it's part of our culture--and we love it!

Check out our list of the most popular terms of endearment used by Latinos. I guarantee you've probably heard one of these more than once in your own home!

Gorda(o), Flaca (o): If any of your non-Latino friends have heard your abuela use this term, it's easy to understand why they would find it offensive. But we're completely cool with it. Another similar one is being called flaca(o) which means "skinny."  

Mamita, Papito: This term can be used among friends or parents and their daughters. It might confuse your non-Latino friends since they'll wonder why your mom is calling you mami if you're the daughter. Papito is also an affectionate term used for boys.

Negra(o), Chula, China, Chiquita(o): If you've been called negra or negro, chances are you have a darker complexion. Sometimes it doesn't even matter what you look like and you'll still go by this name. Chula means pretty girl and China is a term used to describe a little girl or boy who has behaved like a brat. Meanwhile, chiquita(o) is a term can be used to call over a little girl or boy.

Amorcito, Mi Cielo: Amorcito is a term couples use as a pet name. It's the equivalent to saying "my love"--except cuter. Mi cielo roughly translated means "you are my world." 

Nena(e), Niña(o), Muñeca: These terms of endearment refer to a cute little boy or girl.

Bruja: You may find it funny that women call other brujas, but it is actually a common phrase intended to be light-hearted with friends.

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