We tend to forget that prisoners have families they've left behind before they were placed behind bars. Which is why Richmond City Jail in Virginia is allowing dads a chance to see their daughters by hosting a father-daughter dinner dance. Although many are not proud of the choices that landed them behind bars, these dads admit they wish they could be there for their children.

The dance even requires the dads to dress up as they prepared to reunite with their daughters. But this couldn't have happened without the help of one special woman…

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According to ABC News, the men at the jail all range from ages 20 to 30 and realize that their kids are suffering growing up winmate, Jithout a father figure. One ulian Edwards, explained how hard it is for him to maintain a relationship with his daughter because visits are very restrictive. Usually they consist of them speaking behind a thick glass while on the phone and that makes it hard for his daughter to express herself.

This father-daughter dance can be credited to Angela Patton who started it in 2012. Patton is the creator of Camp Diva, a non-profit intended to empower young girls. Her main concern was the relationship between her daughter and father who happened to be in jail. Her daughter yearned to dance with her father the way other little girls did, and that's when the mom took action.

Her idea touched Sheriff C.T. Woody Jr. who gave her permission to have the dance. He understood how important family is and that most of the men deserve second chances because they aren't dangerous criminals. Even though the dances aren't long, the fathers and daughters are able to bond to the point that it drives some of them to tears. The concept appears to be working as many of the men vouch that they were will never get thrown in jail again after seeing how much their kids mean to them.  

I absolutely love this idea! It's very disheartening to see so many children out there who have to suffer because their dads are in jail. That's how many of them grow up and fall into the same problems. This may be the solution to put an end to that vicious cycle and bring down some crime rates. If it keeps these inmates out of trouble, I don't see anything wrong with letting them stay in touch with their children. 

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