Watch the incredible moment a deaf toddler hears his dad's voice for the first time (VIDEO)

In what is perhaps the most heartwarming stories I've heard all week, a deaf 3-year-old North Carolina boy heard the sound for the first time ever.

Grayson Clamp was born without the cochlear nerves that help us process and hear sound. His parents tried to find treatments, including a cochlear implant, but to no avail. Eventually, they heard of a research trial for children at UNC Hospitals in Chapel Hill, which were developing "auditory brain stem implants" and decided to give it a chance. What happened next is nothing short of a miracle!


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Clamp was the first child in the United States to try it out, getting a microchip implanted in his brain that helps recognize sound.  When it came time for the device to go active, Clamp heard sound for the first time ever--the sound of his father's voice. And as can be seen in the incredibly moving video, the look on his face was unforgettably priceless.

It's not completely clear what exactly he hears as his mother, Nicole, explained that "his brain is still trying to organize itself to use sound." But it's definitely clear he can hear something because his face lights up with astonishment. "It's been phenomenal for us," his father, Len, said.  

Wow, what an unbelievable blessing. It's pretty astonishing what technology and science can do these days, right? That is an amazing moment that his parents will definitely remember and cherish for the rest of their lives. I'm just glad that they captured the whole thing on video and shared it with the world--watching it brought tears to my eyes and a huge smile to my face!  

Image via YouTube

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