5 Reasons it rocks to be Mexican!

There are some Cinco de Mayo haters out there--some who are Mexican or of Mexican descent (you know who you are)--that just don't get into the celebration. They claim Cinco de Mayo is not a "real" holiday and is just made up so folks can get drunk here in the good ol' U.S. of A.

True, in Mexico the day is celebrated regionally (not nationally) in Puebla as El Día de la Batalla de Puebla. In the U.S. it has come to be a celebration of Mexican heritage and pride, though some mistakenly think it's actually Mexican Indepence day (it's not, that is on September 16th). Perhaps the reason it is more widely celebrated in the U.S. than in Mexico is because we need it here more than in Mexico. Why? Well, because we need a day for everyone to recognize why it rocks to be Mexican!


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I personally love Cinco de Mayo and I'm thrilled to celebrate it at home because I'm raising multi-cultural children and Cinco de Mayo provides opportunities to talk to them about their Mexican heritage. So haters can hate, but I'm going to give you 5 reasons why it rocks to be Mexican on Cinco de Mayo.

  1. You get to spend the entire day telling people that Cinco de Mayo is not Mexican Independence Day. I don't know why people assume that it is Mexican Independence Day, but it's not, that happens on September 16 and the U.S. population in general doesn't party it up that day. Cinco de Mayo commemorates the unlikely victory of the Mexican army over French forces in Puebla on May 5, 1862.

  2. You get to tell non-Spanish speakers that Cinco de Mayo ALWAYS falls on May 5. Yes, I am amazed by how many people don't know that cinco means five and that Cinco de Mayo translates to 5th of May. I've dated a few people who didn't know.

  3. You can sit around all day drinking margaritas in the sun and no one will call you a lazy Mexican. On any other day you may face some racial stereotyping for hanging out and drinking, but on Cinco de Mayo non-Latinos will just assume you are celebrating Mexican Independence Day (refer to my first point about CInco de Mayo, not being Mexican Independence Day) and give you a pass.

  4. You will field compliments left and right about how amazing Mexican food is. People love Mexican food and they love to tell Mexicans how much they love it. It is good food.

  5. You get to shatter stereotypes by telling all the people who thought you were Greek or Italian or Persian, that you are Mexican. Oh they will be shocked when they realize you are Mexican and say, "But you don't look Mexican!" You will raise your glass and say, "Oh, but yes I do." 

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