Long-lost twin sisters find each other through YouTube & their story is amazing!

The internet can be a wonderful thing, especially if it helps you get reunited with your long lost relatives. Anais Bordier, a French South Korean native living in London, discovered that Samantha Futerman, from California, is her long-lost twin while watching a YouTube comedy sketch. The girls, now 25, had been adopted separately when they were merely babies and had lived their whole lives in different parts of the world.

Bordier had been adopted by a French family living in France, while Futerman grew up in New Jersey and now resides in Los Angeles. After seeing Futerman, who is an actress, in another film, Bordier knew she had to get in touch with her to find out if she was hallucinating or if she really did find her long lost sister. The resemblance was just too big to deny!


According to ABC News, Bordier Googled Futerman's information and found that they had the same birth date and were both adopted. It was then that she decided to reach out to her look-alike on Facebook--and she got her answer! She confessed that Futerman's Facebook page was mind-boggling--it felt like she was looking at her own images!

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After the two connected through Facebook, the sisters Skyped and realized they had a lot more in common than they realized. And surprisingly they haven't even met yet! This inspired them to set up a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter, the popular crowd funding website that helps launch creative projects. In about two weeks, the girls have gained more than 800 donors and raised upwards of $34,000. The money will be used to pay for a reunion trip to Europe, their DNA tests, and a production team documenting their encounter!

The sisters still have a little over two weeks to raise the money they need for their journey and they look forward to meeting after being separated for so long. How amazing is that?!

I know I have a love-hate relationship with social media sometimes, but it's stories like these that remind me of the good aspect of it. Who would have thought that sisters who have been apart for over 25 years would finally be meeting all thanks to YouTube and Facebook? I'm sure when they finally meet it will be emotional as well as many long hours of catching up.

Image via Kickstarter

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