Amazing dog saves her owner's life & she didn't even know she was in danger

Sometimes animals are way more perceptive than humans. That was the case when it came to Dr. Claire Guest and her Labrador, Daisy. After the usually calm dog began acting anxious and restless one day, Guest made a shocking discovery that changed her life.

The doctor had reportedly been in the process of training Daisy to detect cancer in patients when Guest says the dog suddenly began jumping on her. "One day she bumped into my chest with her nose," she said. "It was unusually sore, and there seemed to be a lump there." What Guest found after this incident shocked her...


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After undergoing a fine needle biopsy, the test came back clear. But Daisy still wouldn't calm down. That's when Guest realized something was really wrong and decided to take further action. Guest had a core needle biopsy and was eventually diagnosed with breast cancer. She underwent treatment and since been declared in remission.

"Had I not had Daisy's early warning, I would have had a very poor prognosis," Guest said. "I have my dog to thank for the fact that I'm standing here today." Isn't that amazing?!

To make matters even more incredible, this all happened when Daisy was just a young puppy in 2009. Now, she is the most "advanced cancer dog" at Medical Detection Dogs, an organization that trains canines to detect the disease through smell.

Wow! I actually have never heard of this method of cancer detection before, but I have to admit, I am not surprised. I mean, I have always said that dogs are lifesavers in more ways than one! And though I'm sure she never could've guessed it, having Daisy around clearly worked out for Guest. Who knows what might have happened had it not been for the intuitive pooch? And to think that Guest trained her, never realizing what it would do for her in the future.

I just hope that this organization can help others the way it helped Guest.

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