'After Ever After': Disney parody shows us what really happens when the fairy tale ends (VIDEO)

Growing up I was a pretty BIG Disney princess fanatic. And I have to say I kind of always wondered what happens to them after they lived happily ever after. Well it looks like we all get to finally find out with a hilarious YouTube video that remixes Disney classic tunes from their most beloved stories. This one-man acappella song from John Cozart, aka Paint, seems to have all the answers but I have to warn you--these endings aren't pretty!


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As much as I loved Disney princesses it kind of always irritated me how perfect their lives always turned out to be. Think about it: It's always the same scenario. The princess goes through some crazy out-of-this world tragedy then meets her prince, he saves her, and then they live happily ever after, right? But it kind of gets you thinking, do we want our little girls to think that once they find their "prince charming" that life's just going to be all about flying carpets, singing dwarfs and happy mermaids? So who better than Paint to put our questions to rest and let us know what REALLY happens with this Disney couples.

Turns out as much as Ariel wanted to be human she finally realized that they're actually killing her species off.

"But mermaids are going missing they end up in someone's stew. So just try to put yourself in somebody else's giles. You're killing my eco-system with fishing and oil spills," Paint sings. Poor Ariel. Hey she can't say she didn't see it coming, right?

And it looks like Belle found her self in a sucky reality after marrying Prince Adam aka "Beast."

"PETA would totally be after her creepy animal loving ass but the charges laid on me! About beastiality! Could get me thrown in a cell!" That's right, animal rights have drastically changed since her and Beast got together. Don't you just love this guy?

Paint's songs are hysterical and honestly, just genius! So if you ever felt yourself envying those Disney princesses, snap out of your misery and watch this video below! It will certaintly make you feel a little better about REAL life.

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