Man happily reunited with his long-lost dog after 10 years & it made our day!

This story is perfect to end the day--it has a super happy ending! Jamie Carpentier of New Hampshire was heartbroken after his ex-wife gained custody of their 3-year-old dog, a basset hound named Ginger, during their divorce more than a 10 years ago.

Recently, a decade after his split, Carpentier decided he wanted to a get a dog of his own ... and little did he know that Ginger would be back in his life again in the most surprising way!


I was excited to see that this story involved a basset hound since I own one myself! I don't know how I would feel if I ever lost ownership of my pet so I empathized with Carpentier. Luckily, this story has a happy ending.

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According to the Huffington Post, Carpentier was browsing through the Humane Society for Greater Nashua while seeking a new pet when he came across a dog's description that matched Ginger's. Although the site didn't have pictures, he decided to take a trip to the shelter and much to his surprise it was Ginger all along!

It turned out that the man's ex-wife had given Ginger up to the shelter in 2003 and she was later adopted by another couple who eventually returned her as well. The reunion occurred a decade later, but the connection was the same as always. Carpentier told the Nashua Telegraph newspaper that the 13-year-old dog licked, kissed him, and even recognized his voice.

It overjoyed me to know that Carpentier was able to find his old friend again after so many years. This was fate at its best and despite all they've gone through, they found each other at the right place and time. I'm guessing Carpienter is now going to be overprotective with Ginger and will make sure she never leaves his side. I know I wouldn't!

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