Selfless shoeshiner donates $200,000 in tips to children's hospital

It's heartwarming to know that there are still selfless people in the world willing to put others needs before theirs. One of them at the top of the list is shoe shiner, Albert Lexie of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Lexie is known to set up his shoe shining station in the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh and is making headlines for donating more than $200,000 in tips to the hospital.

Lexie has been shining shoes for more than 32 years at the hospital and wanted to give back to the children who couldn't afford to pay their medical costs. How sweet is that?!


I'm happy to hear that are generous souls willing to put sick children before themselves as Lexie has done. I'm also shocked at the amount of money he had saved for this purpose alone! It just shows you how grateful he is for his job and how much he cares about those kids who visit the hospital.

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According to Lexie, the majority of customers tip him well and he makes sure that every tip goes to the hospital's "Free Care" fund. The long time shoeshiner brings in more than several hundred dollars a week and only charges $5 for a shoe shine. So, those tips must be pretty generous!

He's admired by those around him including doctors who work in the hospital. Lexie recalls that even around the holiday time one of the doctors gave him a $50 tip! Dr. Joseph Carcillo told a channel 4 Action News reporter that he believes that the shoeshiner gave this generous donation simply because he loves the kids. Aw!

It just goes to show you that no matter who you are in life you can always help out those less fortunate around you. Although this man probably doesn't have a doctor's salary, he is still thinking of those kids who are sick and finding ways to help them out. It may have taken him a little more than 3 decades to raise this amount of money, but he had good intentions the whole time and finally reached his goal. We hope the hospital commends him in a special way for his amazing contribution.

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