Miracle baby survives being born with intestines & liver outside of body

A couple in Quincy, Illinois is celebrating a bigger joy than they could have ever imagined: Their baby boy, who was born with his his bowel, intestine and liver on the outside of his body, has survived and is on the way to recovery

This is the best thing that could happen to Hayden Hoskins, who was born with the defect known as Omphalocele. His parents, Kelsea and Andy Hoskins, were shocked when they found out at the five month ultrasound mark that their baby was developing organs outside of his body, growing part of his abdominal organs in a protective sack near his umbilical court. All of this meant that the complications from his growing and birth could be potentially fatal. Lucky for them, though, the baby was born just fine!


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According to the U.K. Daily Mail, the parents really lucked out thanks to Hayden's mommy being take care of at the Fetal Care Center at Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri, where doctors had previously safely delivered babies with similar complications. 

Dr. Allison Cahill, the baby's doctor, the concern with these types of babies is that there is no way to know if the baby's lungs have full developed until the child is born. Thankfully, just after the February C-section, "Hayden let out a few strong screams as he exited the womb showing no signs of the potential heart and kidney trouble that can have fatal results for a newborn Omphalocele at birth."

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Even better, Hayden was safely rushed to the NICU at nearby Children's Hospital and in about a year he will be able to "have the sack of organs tucked back into his body and his life will resume as normal." Personally, I'm just grateful that the baby is fine and, even better, will hopefully be able to have a normal life very, very soon.

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