I see dead people: My life as a reluctant medium

My gringo married me knowing that I was different from the gringas he had dated, but I think it's taken him years to realize just how loca I am compared to them. 

From when I was young, I've had so many things happen that make me believe that I can communicate with spirits. More precisely, that spirits use me as a medium--although a reluctant one. Honestly the paranormal terrifies me. When I was little, my mom would tell me the story of Santa Lucia and the apparitions she would presence in Fatima. I prayed to the Virgin every night asking her to please refrain from showing her presence because I would die of a heart attack!


My husband's aunt died last week. Days before her death I knew someone had died because I felt a spirit's presence in our bedroom. Last night I woke up suddenly and could swear I saw a hand touching my husband's face.

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Similar things have happened to me over the years. I remember doctors telling us that my grandfather had days to live, but I insisted on staying at the hospital the night that he died. He told me in my sleep that he was dying but it was a cheerful vision. He relayed the message through a song! And, minutes after he died a white dove flew from the hospital window. 

I have many stories like this one. Someone told me that I am a Medium but that I am one of those who does not accept it. This person told me that I have to be more sensitive to the messages that spirits are sending me and that I need to learn how to interpret them. I don't know what message my gringo's godmother is trying to send me, if any, but all I ask is that she does it in a cheerful way so that it doesn't terrify me! 

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