Kid President is back & he commands us to follow our dreams! (VIDEO)

If you're looking for some words of encouragement, look no further than Kid President. This adorable little boy--who couldn't be older than 10-years-old--has a lot to say about pushing yourself in the right direction. Kid President is pretty wise beyond his years.

So if you're looking for that boost during your daily slump, you'll want to check out this boy's video. Not only is he hilarious, but he speaks the truth too! So, what does he have to tell us in this week's pep talk? Check it out after the jump!


As a kid I wish I had someone my age motivating me and my peers all the time. I mean, kids are constantly hearing from adults the same things Kid President offers, but sometimes the message resonates better if it's coming from someone in their age demographic. After all, who understands kids better than well ... kids?

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If you need a laugh and a motivational boost, Kid President releases frequent videos under actor Rainn Wilson's web series, Soul Pancake. So we advise you to watch this week's cute video if you're in a motivational slump. Because as Kid President puts it: "What if Michael Jordan had quit? He would've never made Space Jam."  And, really, who doesn't love Space Jam?

Check out Kid President's video and prepare to be moved and motivated to achieve your next goal whether it's big or small!

Image via YouTube

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