I can't imagine not walking. Even worse, I can't even begin to try to imagine being born without bones in my legs and being physically incapable of doing anything. Well, in one of the most inspiring stories of overcoming all odds to be your happiest self, Harvey the cat was born without bones in his front legs--but he's learned to walk anyway! Watching him jump around as he walks on his elbows is honestly one of the saddest, cutest, and most inspirational things I have seen all year.

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If this video doesn't make your heart melt, then I honestly don't know what will.

The story of Harvey the cat was reported on MSN Now, who wrote that the kitty was born with a very rare condition called radial agenesis, in which bones do not develop properly and therefore there is no bone in between his elbow and his paws. His original owner actually listed the kitty for sale with "two broken legs" but, lucky for Harvey, a cat lover immediately took him in and then turned him over to Cats Protection in Glasgow, Scotland, and the organization was able to launch a Just Giving campaign that raised $5,225 for an operation that will put metal pins where his bones should have been.

First of all, this story really touches my heart with the kindness of the human spirit. The people who took in this poor kitty and those that gave money for his operation truly have hearts of gold. It's just SO sweet and really makes me feel like humanity can truly be generous in times of need, even for a defenseless little creature.

More than that, though, Harvey's amazing perseverance in the face of seemingly impossible odds (seriously, he learned how to walk on his knees!) really makes me believe in myself more. I mean, if this cat can overcome these hardships for a happier, sunnier day, then surely the same can be said for all of us? This is nothing if not a story of perseverance! And I hope, should something this bad strike me, that I will persevere just like Harvey the soon-to-be-former cat born without leg bones.

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