Amazing time lapse video shows transsexual's progress from man to woman (VIDEO)

Have you ever seen a transsexual's transformation up close? I bet most of us haven't. Making the choice to go from man to woman can't be an easy one but now we can see the entire process in a brave new video. Showing his transformation from a young man into a young woman, 20-something YouTube user iiGethii strings together three years of photos showing her gradual facial metamorphosis thanks to facial feminization surgery.


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I have a MTF (male to female) transsexual friend from college, so I've seen first-hand what this kind of transformation does to change a person's face and body, but seeing it all happening in one short video is simply incredible. I am really moved by the bravery of her decision to not only undergo this process but to catalog her own transformation and share it with the world.

The video, below, begins with a little message:

The following film has been approved for all transgender people by the trans picture association.

And then we see the transformation from day one (December 8th, 2009) until the final change, about 32 months later. I am really amazed with this video, which has received almost 2 million views since first being posted two months ago. Congratulations to her on becoming the beautiful person she has always been inside.

Image via YouTube

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