Mom's heartbreaking plea just two months before her death will make you cry (VIDEO)

This mother's plea will break your heart. Jennifer Johnson, of Cape Coral, Florida, passed away on December 17, but before her death, the 30-year-old mom of two girls left a video seeking help to raise funds for medical bills and care for her children. The video was shot this past October in a silent sequence in which Johnson presented flash cards telling her story.

Johnson had a heart condition that required open heart surgery, after her pacemaker came loose. If that wasn't expensive enough, she needed to get dental work done first. The mom learned of her condition 5 months after getting engaged and had no health insurance to cover the surgery which is what led her to seek help via the internet.


It was really difficult to watch this video knowing that this woman had passed away and knowing that she was a mother of two beautiful kids. Her plea is guaranteed to leave you misty eyed and makes you feel helpless because it's apparent that she could have used the help.  

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The daughters Johnson left behind are 3-year-old Micayla and 8-month-old Malykai and her husband Robert who is now trying to raise heart disease awareness with the video. According to an Australian news protal, the mom raised more than $400, which covered some bills... but just days after she got her surgery, she passed away.

Robert told Fox 4 Now that he missed his wife, but that she had been strong when she was alive. "She was a fighter and was ready to tackle this head on," he said. Our condolences go out to the Johnson family and we hope that this will make the public better informed of how deadly heart disease can be.

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