Santa Claus uses sign language & makes deaf toddler's day (VIDEO)

In a heartwarming holiday story, a hearing-disabled boy, Cameron Sylvester, and his family had their day made when a Santa Claus working at a Boston mall was unexpectedly able to communicate with the young child!


Three-year-old Sylvester, who has been learning sign language to communicate, and his family were visiting Santa at a local shopping center. Though Sylvester's sister Arianna was happy to take her turn at the meet and greet, the little boy was too shy to approach him. That's when the man who played Santa noticed that Sylvester was wearing two hearing aids and decided to communicate on the little boy's terms. Using a gesture that mimes the act of putting on a baseball hat, the Santa was able to ask in sign language whether the boy had been good this year.

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The effect was instantaneous. Sylvester immediately lit up and his parents were equally as thrilled. "I wanted to cry," his mother said. "A lot of people don't know sign language, and there's Santa, and he knew what Cameron needed to see."

Aww, what a sweet story! Sylvester's mom is right--there are lots of people who communicate with sign language and they all, especially the kids, deserve to enjoy the same experiences others do. I'm so glad that this particular Santa took the actions he did. It was such a small gesture, but also a very touching one...and it made a big difference to Sylvester and his family! I only hope others take note and make the same kinds of efforts.

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