Students add Christmas cheer to Adele's hit song using handbells!

I've never been musically inclined so when I hear someone who is it just blows my mind. A group of high school students in Martinsville, New Jersey are a part of the Impulse Handbell Ensemble handbell musical group and have the best cover of a song ever. Adele's famous "Rolling in the Deep" has probably been overdone by all different musicians, but nothing compares to what these kids have done!

If you're a fan of Adele, the song, or just love music in general, you'll be amazed by this video. These super talented kids mastered something so difficult that they deserve some type of award!


As I mentioned I don't have any musical ability--heck, I struggled to play a recorder in middle school. But these students somehow managed to put together an amazing compilation of Adele's hit song using JUST handbells. If she ever needed a back-up band, looks like she doesn't need to look further than New Jersey.  

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I'm not sure how difficult it is to learn how to play with bells, but not only does it make the song Christmas-ey, it gives it a little more oomph. As amazing as these kids may be, you will only be intrigued once you see the video. Without much further ado, here is their rendition of "Rolling the Deep." Happy holidays!

Image via YouTube

What did you think of these students' version of Adele' song?

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What did you think of these students' version of Adele' song?

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