Father and son duo face heartbreaking cancer diagnoses & battle together

I can't even imagine how devastating it must be for a parent to hear that their child has cancer…but to have both your son and your husband be diagnosed with the disease almost at the same time? That's the heartbreaking situation Panamanian mom, Ilya Marotta, was forced to face. Both her teenage son, Peter, and her husband, Peter Sr., were given the sad prognosis only a few months apart and the three were left to cope with the disease head-on as a family.


Marotta's teenage son was first diagnosed with a bone tumor in September of 2010. He and his parents moved to New York City from Panama seeking the best possible care. But then disaster struck for the second time in just a few short months--Peter Sr. was also diagnosed with cancer in December.  

What a painful ordeal for one family to have to go through. It must have been so taxing emotionally, physically and financially--especially since the couple also has two other children who had stayed behind in Panama.

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Luckily, their story has a happy ending. After getting housing help from the Ronald McDonald House Charities, both father and son were able to rest comfortable while undergoing treatment. The family returned to Panama in October 2011, with the two in good health. Peter Jr. was even able to graduate high school on time and is now attending college at Florida State University's Panama campus.

I'm so glad to hear that the Marotta's are doing okay after all they have been through. It seems so unfair to have one family have to battle so much, but it's encouraging to know that in the end, they persevered--and most importantly, they did it all together.

Image via Fox News Latino

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